WPC Machine/PVC Foam Board Production Line


We show this machine running at Chinaplas 2019 from 23 th to 26 th April:IRANPLAS 2019. HALL NO. 38. BOOTH NO. 45-2The only professional manufacturer in PVC foam board extrusion line in Chinawpc machine/pvc foam board production line1. SJSZ 80/156 Conical twin Screw ExtruderABB frequency converter. SIEMENS contactor. OMRON Japan. Motor power: 75KW2. Calibration unitCalibration plate: 1500mm× 500mm 4couples3. Cooling tank and bracketLength: 6000mmTrimming knife: 3 sets4. Haul-off unit8 couplesCylinder clamping and loosening5. Cutting unit6. Stacker7. Mould (T-Die )1. Excellent Features:Strong and durable; Lightweight and easy to install; Not easy to scratch;Will not rot. warp. delaminate. cup or twist;Resistant to weather. shock and abrasion;Salt water corrosion resistant;Impervious to salts. insects and many chemicals. including some acids;Doesn't mold; Can be worked just like wood;Non-toxic; 100% recyclable; Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing);Easy to clean; Virtually maintenance free;2. PVC Celuka foam board difference:PVC Celuka Grade A is a kind of PVC foam boards we recommended to our customers as they have superior quality. The extrusion line adopts Celuka foam technology. These processes result in a skinning or outer layer of the foam board and harder or more scratch resistant.Compared with other PVC foam board. this kind of PVC foam board not only has much more smooth surface. but also has the more skin hardness. and the mechanical performance of the PVC Celuka foam board is much better than other PVC foam boards.3. Applications of PVC Celuka Grade A:PVC Celuka Grade A has a very wide application range. it is being used for:Construction (wall panels. ceilings. decoration etc. );Advertisement; Signage; POP;Cupboard (kitchen); Furniture board;Marine (seating. covers. shelving. cabinets. stairs. electronics & wall panels. door etc. );Water park;Seashore wet-proof facility;Various interlayers;Decoration board. upholstery for train. car and many more.
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