Top 304 Stainless Steel Goats and Cows Milking Machine Electric


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25L Cheap Electric COW milking machineNew Electric Milking Machine Automatic Vacuum Piston Pump 25L Bucket For Farm Cows Introduction We offer you a kind of superior milking machine. As we all know. changing from hand to machine milking brings many benefits such as faster milking due to improved routines. Good routines throughout the lactation period help to reduce the stress in your herd which helps to improve milk quality and increase milk yield.The following you should knowEasy to manoeuvreLow noiselight but robustFitting for both goat and cowType: Vacuum PumpMilking machine operating process:1.Before milking. please keep the milking machine clean and sterilized. to ensure the milk to achieve the quality of health requirements. At the same time. you should observe and touch the appearance of the breast to check  whether there is any redness. heat pain and trauma. and then the first milk of each milk area should be into a cup with net to check whether there is any  milk clot. flocculation and water. which can help you find the clinical mastitis of the milking cow and to prevent breast milk mixed with normal milk.2.Milking workers' attitude toward cattle should be moderate. Hitting the milking cattle is absolutely wrong. so as not to develop the terrible habits of cattle.3.The milk mouth rubber of milking machine should have enough flexibility and proper size  to fit the different sizes of dairy cows.4.Milking machine should not have any harmful stimulation on dairy cows. which keep  the breast healthy  and the milk normal.FeaturesEasy to manoeuvreRobust construction for easy maintenanceLarge heavy duty wheels to move around easilyFew but robust parts-low service and maintenanceLight but robustLow noise. so as not to spook the livestockMounted with the simple and easy piston pump for both operation andmaintenanceMini setup - takes up less spaceDry vacuum pump setupWheels and handle for easy maneuverA wide range of spare parts readily availablePerfect to milk cows or camels2 years warrentyTechnicalMaterial of Bucket: 304 Stainless SteelOperating Vacuum Degree: 0.04-0.05MPa (adjustable)Pulsation times: 64/minPower Fitted: 0.55KWMotor Speed: 1440rmp/minElectric motor voltage: 110VMilking cluster: 1 SetMilking bucket: 25LWorking capacity: 10-12 Cows/hourSetup: Dry vacuum pump setupPackage1 x Cow claw set1 x Machine1 x 25L stainless steel bucket1 x Liner stopper1 x Milk stopper1 x Short cleaning brush1 x Long cleaning brush1 x Cow teat cleaning cloth1 x ManualAll hosesPicturesContact us :Maggie YaoSenior Overseas SalesTaiCang Vevor Machinery Equipment Co.. LtdAdd: 215417. East 500M Village Committee. Hongqiao Village. Zhitang Township. Taicang. Jiangsu.    How could we S'ccess  if it is without  U  !
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