SMT Total Solution Line for LED Flexible LED Light Strip


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SMT total solution line for LED flexible led light stripProduct DescriptionJaguar Automation Equipment Co.. Ltd. To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution. The company specializes in SMT chip mounter(New Samsung: SM421. SM411. SM100 etc)(second-hand: CP40L; CP40LV; CP45F; CP45FV; CP45FVneo); YAMAHA SMT machine (YAMAHA Chip shooter); JUKI chip mounter. Siemens SMT machine. Panasonic SMT Chip mounter. FUJI second-hand SMT machine. We are also sell printing machine. Point glue machine. Reflow soldering. Wave soldering. Automatic plug-in machines. Samsung SMT machine feida. Accessories. stencil printer. Reflow oven. flow welding. Panasert. AOI. X-ray. LED automatic die bonder etc. For communication products manufacturers. LED display. lighting manufacturers; SMT. AI materials processing. and other enterprises provide the required equipment or wiring scheme.Main newSamsung chip mounter: SM421S. SM421. SM411. SM431. SLM100. SLM120. SM471. SM481 etc.YAMAHA SMT machine: YS12. YS24. YS100. YG12. YG100RA. YV100X.Siemens SMT shooter: D4. D2. D1. S20 25 27 50 60. F3. F4. F5Panasonic SMT equipment: CM402. CM602. NPM.JUKI Chip shooter: KE2070. KE2080. KE2060. KE2050.FUJI SMT mounter: CP6. CP642. CP643. CP742. CP842. XP241. QP341. QP242. IP3. IP2.SANYO Automatic Mounter: TCM3000Z. TCM-X200.I PULSE FV5530. 7100. M1. M2. M3. M4MIRAE MPS1010. MX100. MX200NEW automatic plug-in machines. horizontal plug. Vertical plug. Bulk LED plug. Reflow oven. wave soldering. domestic. import have lead. lead-free reflow soldering; Wave soldering.Other SMT related equipment: : AOI; X - ray testing equipment t; Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine.  F8 Specification:ModelJaguar F8  Heating SystemNumber of heating zonesUp 8/ bottom 8Number of cooling zones2Length of heating zones3100mmHeating modeHot airCooling ModeForced air coolingExhaust Volume10m³/min * 2 exhausts     Conveyor SystemMax. Width of PCB450mmMesh belt width500mmTransmission DirectionL→R(option: R→L)Transmission Net Height900±20mmTransmission typeMesh and chainRange of rail width50-400mmConveyor speed0-2000mm/minAuto/manual LubricationStandardFixed rail sideFront rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)Components highTop and bottom 25mm        Control systemPower supply5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZTotal power48KWStarting power40KWNormal power consumption8KWWarming time20 minsTemp. setting rangeFrom room temp. To 300ºCTemp. control methodPID close loop control & SSR drivingTemp. control precision±1ºCTemp. deviation on PCB±2ºCData storageProcess Data and status storage(80GB)Nozzle plateAluminum Alloy PlateAbnormal AlarmAbnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temperature)Board dropped alarmTower light:Yellow-warming. Green-normal. Red-abnormal GeneralDimension(L*W*H)5000*1320*1490mmWeight2000kgColorComputer gray
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