SMT Automatic Production Line Solution for LED Factory


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SMT Automatic Production Line Solution for LEDProduct DescriptionJaguar Automation Equipment Co.. Ltd. To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution. The company specializes in SMT chip mounter(New Samsung: SM421. SM411. SM100 etc)(second-hand: CP40L; CP40LV; CP45F; CP45FV; CP45FVneo); YAMAHA SMT machine (YAMAHA Chip shooter); JUKI chip mounter. Siemens SMT machine. Panasonic SMT Chip mounter. FUJI second-hand SMT machine. We are also sell printing machine. Point glue machine. Reflow soldering. Wave soldering. Automatic plug-in machines. Samsung SMT machine feida. Accessories. stencil printer. Reflow oven. flow welding. Panasert. AOI. X-ray. LED automatic die bonder etc. For communication products manufacturers. LED display. lighting manufacturers; SMT. AI materials processing. and other enterprises provide the required equipment or wiring scheme.Main newSamsung chip mounter: SM421S. SM421. SM411. SM431. SLM100. SLM120. SM471. SM481 etc.YAMAHA SMT machine: YS12. YS24. YS100. YG12. YG100RA. YV100X.Siemens SMT shooter: D4. D2. D1. S20 25 27 50 60. F3. F4. F5Panasonic SMT equipment: CM402. CM602. NPM.JUKI Chip shooter: KE2070. KE2080. KE2060. KE2050.FUJI SMT mounter: CP6. CP642. CP643. CP742. CP842. XP241. QP341. QP242. IP3. IP2.SANYO Automatic Mounter: TCM3000Z. TCM-X200.I PULSE FV5530. 7100. M1. M2. M3. M4MIRAE MPS1010. MX100. MX200NEW automatic plug-in machines. horizontal plug. Vertical plug. Bulk LED plug. Reflow oven. wave soldering. domestic. import have lead. lead-free reflow soldering; Wave soldering.Other SMT related equipment: : AOI; X - ray testing equipment t; Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine.  F8 Specification:ModelJaguar F8  Heating SystemNumber of heating zonesUp 8/ bottom 8Number of cooling zones2Length of heating zones3100mmHeating modeHot airCooling ModeForced air coolingExhaust Volume10m³/min * 2 exhausts     Conveyor SystemMax. Width of PCB450mmMesh belt width500mmTransmission DirectionL→R(option: R→L)Transmission Net Height900±20mmTransmission typeMesh and chainRange of rail width50-400mmConveyor speed0-2000mm/minAuto/manual LubricationStandardFixed rail sideFront rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)Components highTop and bottom 25mm        Control systemPower supply5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZTotal power48KWStarting power40KWNormal power consumption8KWWarming time20 minsTemp. setting rangeFrom room temp. To 300ºCTemp. control methodPID close loop control & SSR drivingTemp. control precision±1ºCTemp. deviation on PCB±2ºCData storageProcess Data and status storage(80GB)Nozzle plateAluminum Alloy PlateAbnormal AlarmAbnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temperature)Board dropped alarmTower light:Yellow-warming. Green-normal. Red-abnormal GeneralDimension(L*W*H)5000*1320*1490mmWeight2000kgColorComputer gray
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