Manufactur Price of Industrial Coal Basket Type Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge


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Manufactur Price of Industrial Coal Basket Type Horizontal Vibrating CentrifugeApplication & Features:WZ series horizontal vibration centrifugal dewatering machine is based on the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology of similar products. relying on the technical support of domestic scientific research institutes. combined with the characteristics of China's domestic use. integration of independent patented technology research and development of a new generation of high efficiency coal preparation product dehydration Equipment. absorption. inheritance. development. innovation. The equipment adopts the most advanced double-mass anti-resonance technology in the world and has the advantages of scientific principle. exquisite structure. robustness. stable operation. low noise and easy maintenance. It is widely used in the dewatering of coal final products and materials in other industries. Dehydration operation. The company's horizontal vibration centrifuge and horizontal scraper centrifuge have both obtained national patents.Detail data of horizontal vibration centrifuges:Item/Model WZ1200WZ1400-AWZ1500Capacity200250350Screen basket diameter120014001500Screen basket angle151515Screen seam≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5Drive motor304555/75Vibration Motor4.0*24.0*24.0*2Oil pump motor0.750.750.75Weight7.58.212.5Structural Features of horizontal vibration centrifuges:The horizontal vibrating centrifuge make the material separated by solid liquid on a high-speed rotating screen. a vibrating power is attached to the material on the screen by the excitation system to realize the solid-liquid separation with automatic unloading.The WZ series has many advantages. including high production. small crushing degree. long life period of screen. stable. convenient to fix. simple structure. low noise. high reliability and low cost.Other type of Horizontal vibration centrifuges:Working Principle of horizontal vibration centrifuges: Main structure: WZ series horizontal vibrating centrifuges consist of several parts: feed system. rotary system. vibration and vibration damping system. drive system and lubrication system.(1) Feeding systemThe feed system refers to the part of the material that comes in direct contact with the material from entering the centrifuge to leaving the centrifuge. including the feed tube. the screen basket. the screen blue disk and the water tank body.Inlet pipe:The feed pipe is fixed on the door body of the water tank and is easy to be replaced. The inner lining is made of 15mm alumina ceramic wear-resistant material. and the outer pipe is coated with anti-abrasive rubber to prolong its service life.Screen basket:The screen basket is made of high-quality stainless steel material after effective demagnetization. unique welding technology to ensure that the screen basket has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. and has a long service life. Open the front door of the water tank body can replace the screen basket. dismantling extremely convenient.Water tank body:The water tank body is made of steel plate. and the screen basket. the feeding pipe and the solid discharging room. the centrifugal liquid discharging room and the discharging port are arranged therein. The solid discharge interior wall is lined with 25mm alumina ceramic wear-resistant material. and the centrifugal liquid discharge interior wall is lining the imported wear-resistant particle glue. prolonging the service life.The water tank body and other exposed parts are blasted and rusted to a Sa3.0 level. The epoxy zinc-rich primer and top coat are sprayed twice and the middle lacquer is treated again to ensure that they can resist the corrosive environment of the coal preparation plant. effect.Main Features & Working site of horizontal vibration centrifuges:1. High treatment ability. good dehydration effect2. Small crushing degree. the screen basket is more wearable. long life period3. TWZ series have inertial resonance vibration system. amplitude and product rate are stable and reliable. The TWZ vibration system has the advantages of smooth running. low noise. simple structure. convenient maintenance and energy saving. RFQ of horizontal vibration centrifuges:1)    Which kind of coal do you want to wash 2)    What is the size range of the coal powder. (mm) 3)    What is the moisture of the coal slurry. (%) 4)    What is your demanded treating capacity of dry basis coal. (ton/hour) 5)    Which type do you more prefer. horizontal vibration centrifuge. or vertical scrape centrifuge Contact Lynn Du: 8618898537812
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