Hhd Strong and Durable Ce Approved Automatic Quail Egg Incubators (YZITE-2112)


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Strong and Durable CE Approved Automatic Quail Egg Incubators (YZITE-2112)Quail Egg Incubator IntroductionThe quail egg incubator is stable and reliable. time-saving. labor-saving. and Easy-to-use. Chicken incubator is the ideal incubation equipment for Propagation of poultry and rare birds and small and medium-sized hatchery.Quail Egg Incubator Brief Description:1. Automatic egg-turning and ventilation control (every 2 hours)2. Automatic temperature and humidity control3.110 V-240 V. 50-60 Hz4. Equipped with multifunctional egg tray5. Each egg incubator has one set spare parts as gift6. Atomatic egg incubator hatching eggs Capacity:Chicken eggs: 2112Duck eggs: 2112Bird eggs: 8448Goose eggs: 2112Automatic Egg Incubator Features:1. Materials it has an elegant appearance2. Edge is covered by aluminum alloy3. Micro-computer for controlling the temperature and the humidity;4. Working lifetime 10-12 years5.3 years warranty6. Equipped with multifunctional egg tray.7. Chicken egg incubator has 98% hatching rate8. CE approved9. Full automatic egg-turning and humidity temperature control.10. It has outside controller. humidity insulate.11. It's euipped with multifunctional tray (one tray can hatch quail/chicken/duck/goose)12. It's easy to assemble. reduse rate to boken and its volume.13. Automatic add water systerm.14. Four kinds of incubator with multifunctional egg tray can be chose:1232 chicken/4928 quail egg 4114 chicken/16456 quail egg2112 chicken/8448 quail egg 8448 chicken/33792 quail egg10560 chicken/42240 quail eggQuail Egg Incubator Shipment:1) we will prepare egg incuabtor for you according to your requirement after payment.2)we will arrange your egg incuabtor ship on board when your goods arrive port of loading from our factory.3) we will send you bill of lading when we get it from shipping company.4)Finally you can pick up goods by bill of lading when egg incuabtor arrival.Quail Egg Incubator FAQ:C: How to make sure that I receive egg incubator undamage:S: Our egg incubator is wooden package and in line with international standards for the transport. And we also make insurance for your egg incubator. if damage. our company and shipping company will take responsibility.C: How about aftersales if there are some question about egg incubator:S: Dear friend. please don't worry. we have 3 years warranty for egg incubator. usually. if there has some problem with egg incubator within 3 yrs. you can contat us in anytime by email or by phone. from 8: 30 am -9: 00pm I always in the office I will give your satisfied answer.We can supply 31 kinds of incubator with capacity from 24 to 22528 eggs. and we'll recommend the best one upon we know which incubator capacity do you want. if yoou want to learn more. please feel free to contact me. Maisy is waiting for you!Model Chicken eggsDuck eggsBird eggsOstrich eggsGooseeggsWeight  /kgVolume/ CBMPackingsize/ cmYZTIE-1241554 7230.2150*51*81YZTIE-24830117 15300.2560*51*81YZTIE-38863221 32400.3973*62*86YZTIE-4176126442 64430.4473*62*96YZTIE-5264189663696460.4873*62*106YZTIE-6352252884 128520.5373*62*116YZTIE-74403151105 160550.5873*62*126YZTIE-8528378132612192590.7798*74*106YZTIE-9880630221024306750.9798*74*136YZTIE-1010567562652 432851.32121*78*139YZTIE-1112328823094 5041001.43121*78*151YZTIE-12140810083536365761051.57121*78*166YZTIE-13158411343975 6241151.76139*91*139YZTIE-14184813234641547281231.91139*91*151YZTIE-15211215125304 8321332.1139*91*166YZTIE-162464176459677210081432.3139*91*176YZTIE-17264018906630 10241502.4139*91*186YZTIE-18281620197072 10401653.1182*91*186YZTIE-193168226879569612961753.3182*91*196YZTIE-20352025208840 14401853.5182*91*206YZTIE-21387227729724 15841953.6182*91*216YZTIE-22422430241012810817282053.8182*91*226YZTIE-234576327610608 18722154182*91*236YZTIE-24528037801149214421602203.8186*102*197YZTIE-258448604813260 34564408.7110*186*212*2YZTIE-26985670562475233640324609.3110*186*227*2YZTIE-2712672907231824 518466013.1110*186*212*3YZTIE-28147841058437128 604868014110*186*227*3YZTIE-29168961209642432504691270014.6110*186*237*3YZTIE-30197121411247264 806490018.6110*186*227*4YZTIE-312252816128565766729216100019.4110*186*237*4 Temperature display range5_50° CTemperature measurement control accuracy± 0.1° CTemperature control accuracy  ≤ ± 0.1° CHumidity dislay range0-99%RHHumidity precision control± 5%RHOver  egg  cycle0.1--99.9hour(Factory  settings  1.5hour)Eggs  over  time1-255  seconds  adjustable  (factory  set  to  180  seconds)Output  currentTemperature  Control  220V  10A.   the  other  200V  1ADoubled  the  number  of  eggsMaximum  record  999  timesOperating  voltageAC180V_240V. 50HzRelative  humidity  Less  than  85%Ambient  temperature-10° C--40° C
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