Eta LED Line Machines Turn-Key PCB Production Line for LED Production Line


led bulb fully automatic production lineShenzhen ETA Electronic equipment Co.. Ltd. To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution. The company specializes in SMT chip mounter(New Samsung: SM421. SM411. SM100 etc)(second-hand: CP40L; CP40LV; CP45F; CP45FV; CP45FVneo); YAMAHA SMT machine (YAMAHA Chip shooter); JUKI chip mounter. Siemens SMT machine. Panasonic SMT Chip mounter. FUJI second-hand SMT machine. We are also sell printing machine. Point glue machine. Reflow soldering. Wave soldering. Automatic plug-in machines. Samsung SMT machine feida. Accessories. stencil printer. Reflow oven. flow welding. Panasert. AOI. X-ray. LED automatic die bonder etc. For communication products manufacturers. LED display. lighting manufacturers; SMT. AI materials processing. and other enterprises provide the required equipment or wiring scheme.Main newSamsung chip mounter: SM421S. SM421. SM411. SM431. SLM100. SLM120. SM471. SM481 etc.YAMAHA SMT machine: YS12. YS24. YS100. YG12. YG100RA. YV100X.Siemens SMT shooter: D4. D2. D1. S20 25 27 50 60. F3. F4. F5Panasonic SMT equipment: CM402. CM602. NPM.JUKI Chip shooter:KE-3010.KE-3020. KE2070. KE2080. KE2060. KE2050.FUJI SMT mounter: CP6. CP642. CP643. CP742. CP842. XP241. QP341. QP242. IP3. IP2.SANYO Automatic Mounter: TCM3000Z. TCM-X200.I PULSE FV5530. 7100. M1. M2. M3. M4MIRAE MPS1010. MX100. MX200NEW automatic plug-in machines. horizontal plug. Vertical plug. Bulk LED plug. Reflow oven. wave soldering. domestic. import have lead. lead-free reflow soldering; Wave soldering.Other SMT related equipment: : AOI; X-Ray testing equipment t; Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine. Contact InformationAny need about SMT/DIP Machines. please call us:Mobile: 86 13632967404Phone: 075527428080Reflow oven with 6 heating zones A600Compact Reflow oven with 8 heating zones A800Ecnormical reflow oven with 8 heating zones E8ETA LED pick and place machine M6FULL AUTO SCREEN PRINTER MACHINELED auto stencil printer ETA1200Auto screen printing machine with working area 400*340mmSEMI-AUTO STENCIL PRINTER MACHINESemi-auto stencil printer machine working area 1200*300mmSemi-auto stencil printing machine size 600*330mmSemi-auto screen printer size 400*330mmBGA REWORK STATIONHot sale BGA rework station 6200SAMSUNG/HANWHA CHIP SHOOTERSamsung flexible mounter SM-482Advanced High Speed Flexible Mounter SM-481Samsung Flexible High Speed Chip Shooter SM-471High speed universal chip shooter DECAN Series (S2. F2. L2)High Speed Modular Mounter EXCEN PROHighest speed placement machine EXCEN FLEXSLM100 Series LED mounter---Amazing LED production SystemIntroduction of SMT JUKI Pick and Place Machine RS-1Class leading speed. up to 42.000 cph0201*~74mm x 74mm / 50mm x 150mmWide component rangeOptimum line balance and highest throughputNew head design automatically adjusts the centering height based on components placed.JUKI's laser centering technology is fast. accurate and reliable for a wide range of parts.JUKI multifunctional pick and place machine RS-1JUKI high speed Speed Placer KE-3010JUKI high speed flexible chip mounter KE-3020JUKI LED chip mounter JX-350LED FX-3   Speed PlacerRX-6  Flex PlacerRX-7  Ultra High-speed PlacerJX-100LED Compact PlacerJX-300LED Compact PlacerJM-10  Multitask PlatformJM-20  Multitask PlatformCompany:ETA is the leading manufacturer for smt machines and solution with 23 years' experience in China. And we are aslo the only Chinese SMT supplier for Huawei factory in China.Successful Experience:Eta's customer in 35 countries around the world1. We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.2. Training more than 500 experts and technician for customers.3. Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.Our Service:Eta's customer in 35 countries around the world1.We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.2.Training more than 500 experts and technician for customers.3.Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.Packing and Delivery:Packing Method:Standard wooden packageShipping Way:1. By air. for sample and small express like DHL. UPS. EMS...2. By sea. for large package and quantity;3. Other ways as customer requested. Delivery Time: 35 DaysContact InformationAny need about SMT/DIP Machines. please call us:Mobile: 86 13632967404Phone: 075527428080
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