C-Tye Fin Press Production Line Jl21-63b for Air Conditioner Fins


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1.specification1.1 Type: JL21-63B. C-Frame1.2 Capacity: 630KN1.3 Strokes per Minute: 100-150 spm1.4 Stroke of Slide: 50mm1.5 Die Height Adjustment: 80mm1.6 Max. Die set height: 285mm1.7 Be equipped with motorized adjustment for die-setting height1.8 Be equipped with hydraulic overload protector1.9 Bolster Area (LR x FB x Thickness): 850x580x90mm1.10 Bolster Area: (LR x FB): 600x350mm1.11 Fin Pattern: The buyer supply the drawing(15.88X33X38.1X8RX1P) 1.12 Be equipped with moving junk box1.13 Be equipped with 1P→2Pfunction1.14 Be equipped with lubrication unit. to prolong die's life1.15 Be equipped with manual oil lubrication pump1.16 Operation method: moving operation panel 2.uncoiler2.1 Type: Conicity distended type2.2 Material: Aluminum Coil2.3 Max. Outer Diameter of Coil: Φ850 mm2.4 Inner Diameter of Coil: Φ75±5 mm2.5 Max. width of coil: 300mm2.6 Feeding direction: from right to left 3.oil tank and conducted coil-feeding3.1 Type: oil-bathed type3.2 Conductor type: retainer ring moving3.3 Aluminum-coil suppressed type: roller 4.Vacuum sucker and collection unit4.1 Type: sucked automatically by vacuum air with close/open4.2 Sucking Adjustment: Adjust the plate of vacuum sucker's exit4.3 Sucking area: W300xL10004.4 Collection type: Double-seat movable collection unit4.5 Stacker moving method: manual4.6 Size fins of collecting plate: W300xL10004.7 Collecting height of material: 600mm 5.Electrical system5.1 Type: pendant electrical box. moving operation panel with touch screen 5.2 Power voltage: confirmed by the Buyer5.3 Crossing cutting: count periodically. electric cylinder control for fin length5.4 Stow count: count periodically; automatic fin number control5.5 Air pressure requested: 5Kg/cm2 ( 20%) 6.others6.1 Painting: as per YADON catalogue. main machine is white. slide bottom (four surround) is yell6.2 Power and pipe connection: supplied by the buyer6.3 Be equipped with safety light curtain   6.4 Foundation: supplied foundation drawing by the seller. made by the buyer6.5 Manual: English manual x16.6 List of spare parts(1)TC seal 95X125X12: 1(2)UN seal UN070: 1(3)UN seal UN020: 1(4)Foundation Bolt: 46.7 Main Parts BrandClutch valveMade by MAC (the USA)Electromagnetic valveFESTOPLCOMRONSWITCHTECONTACTORABBLUBRICATION PUMPJONGJIA-LUBEDisplay unitDELTA 6.8 Supply the fin drawing within one week after conclude the contract including fin pattern drawing and table drawing 7.Acceptance standardAcceptance standard: should be suitable for the technical agreement and fit for the fin die to produce the qualified production.  Fin die We have been in Manufacturing this Fin Dies more than 30 years. already supplied more than 3000 sets of the Fin Dies to our customers:Like Germany Volkswagen - FAW Automotive tank air conditioning.Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co.. Ltd.Wuhan New Century Refrigeration Company (Beyond to Japan Sanyo) Large-scale Refrigerator. Shanghai Air Conditioner Factory.By the way. we also have exported the Fin Dies to other countries: USA. Russia. New Zealand. Poland. Iran. UAE. Egypt.Saudi Arabia.Argentina. 1.Fin Die FeaturesThe Fin Die is an independent sub-unit from the the large mold base. where the blade-edge unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve.Each processing step as follow:1.1) Drawing unit: According to the calculated data. a certain height and diameter convex hull is pre-drawn on the strip material. Among them. each channel has an independent adjustment device. and a position display indicator can record the corresponding number of adjustment heights of the channel punch for later convenient adjustment.1.2) Louver forming unit:Flush the louver-type crack on the strip material as required by the fin scheme. The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.1.3) Punching flanging unit: flipping out the straight edge and the electro-thermal hole on the strip material with punched convex hull. The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.1.4) Double Flanging unit: On a flanging cylinder. turn the straw hat outward. There is an independent adjustment device. and a position display indicator can record the corresponding number of adjustment heights of the flanging of the track.1.5) Slitting unit: Use three screws to adjust the position of the upper knife to determine the number of rows of the slits.The unit has an independent guide column and guide sleeve to ensure reasonable clearance between the upper and lower molds.1.6) Embossing unit: Pressing the fin edge pattern. Adjust the knife position with three screws to determine the number of rows of embossing.1.7) Feeding unit: There is a small claw raised into the fin mouth to pull the strip forward one step.1.8) Leveling unit:1.9) Cutting unit: Cuts the strip material in accordance with the preset number of holes.The above units are assembled in a large formwork to ensure the relative position of each unit. 2.Fin Die Material:2.1) Knife/Blade section:Japan SKD11 for Aluminum fins.  HRC60-64Japan HAP40 powder high speed steel for stainless steel fins.  HRC62-64 2.2) Die base plate:Alloy tool steel for punching aluminum fins. HRC28-32Alloy tool steel for punching stainless steel aluminum fins. HRC56-602.3) Strong Spring: Japan MISUMI2.4) Guide column guide: Japan MISUMI 3.Life of Fin Die: 10 years in normal use. not include the wearing parts. 4.Main Processing Equipments:Swiss CA20 Precision Walking Wire Cutting MachineJapan OKUMA-BYJC Machining Center.SYMS VMC CNC Milling MachineSYMS CAK1626NI CNC LatheMG2932B/MG2945B coordinate grinding machineTaiwan 618-ASD Tool Grinding MachineTaiwan ESG-818M Tool Grinding MachineTaiwan ESC-1A618 Tool Grinding MachineTaiwan ESC-1A618 Tool Grinding MachineKunming T4163 coordinates boring machineKunming 4240 coordinate trampolineThree-dimensional coordinate measuring machineOptical measuring instrument
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