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Dongyue Machinery Group is leading brick machine manufactuer in China.Our main products include large and medilum concrete brick machine.AAC block machine.AAC panel brick machine and Sand lime brick machine.With offices in india.indoensia.vietnam.we are trying to serve our customers better.1.QT4-15A small fly ash brick making machine introduction QT4-15C medium size block making machine small paving block making machine for sale is suitable to make road blocks. road-side bricks and river bricks. Adopt sub-storage device and independent storage hopper. this machine can overcome the liquefaction of concrete defects in advance. and ensure the quality of the finial products. It can automatically operate the whole set. from material feeding to finish products output. 2.General notice1. Customized color is available based on previous notice.2. The third party inspection is available.3. If needed. the seller can help the buyer to handle shipping and insurance.4. Marking and package shall be arranged according to applicable international requirements.5. Guarantee: Our block machine has been taken under guarantee by the seller from the date of commissioning within 12 months on the premise of regular use of the buyer. An Acceptance Act will follow to inspect the application of the equipment.6. Installation & commissioning is available based on the clients' requirement. 3. QT4-15A medium size block making machine Main technical parametersDimension2440×2000×2600mmHost machine power25KWMoulding area400×800mmVibration force40KNMoulding period15-25SCapacity68.25KVA              Pallet size1010×550×20/25mmMixer modelJS500Weight5TGeneral water Consumption4T/every dayVoltageas per local requests  1 Theoretical workshop area : 150 m2 . need about 3-4 workers.2 The office.curing area and stacking area to arrange according your practical situation.  4.QT4-15A  medium size block making machine Production capacitySize(LxWxH)Pcs/MouldPcs/ HrPcs/ 8 Hrm3/year400X100X200812009600-1152023040-27648400X150X20069007200-864025920-31104400X200X20046004800-576023040-27648400X250X20034503600-432021600-25920Paver:200X100X6016182019560 Paver:200X163X60811008800  5.QT4-15A  automatic price block press machine vibration system: Which can effectively expand the vibration area and achive two-fold. substantial progress in product quality and output. And effectively extend the useful life of the mould. Vibration box with hanging structure. can withstand severe vibration without damage and fracture. Eccentric shaft vibration synchronous rotating vertical structure produced by the exciting force. enable the best results of fabric and forming. 1.Full automatic block machine feeding machine systemThe feeding machine rastellus use combined type. and make it more conveniet when change it. and the feeding part use Push-pull type with back and forth .and make the aggregate  will more blance. and assure the concerte blocks hight and weight keep accordance. Use the Continuous rotary type and compulsory feeding system can achieve mixing second time. Feeding speed more quickly.Full automatic free burned block making machine ejection mechanism: This body mainly uses two fuel tanks mounted under the bottom of the rack to control the movements of ejection seat; rack at the top adopts arm-type rigid synchronization mechanism. which may ensure that the mold frame moves smoothly. when demoulding will not damage the surface of molding bricks.2.Full automatic block machine color surface machine parts The color surface machine crane use hydraulic control system. the color surface hopper connected by crane and rubber spring. will have shock absorption effect. at the same time can prevent rest color material become lump. The material door control the hopper open and close .will achieve feeding blance.3.The brick conveyor system of fully automatic brick forming machineThe system is equipped with one automatic brick getting-out machine and automatic brick getting-in machine . The brick getting-out machine uses the V-belt to drive brick pallets for reducing the abrasion of pallets. And also brick getting-out machine is equipped with Paint Roller.which could    adjust the height of Rolling Brush rack via the screw nut so that the whole process would become more accurate and expeditious.4.Full automatic free burned block making machine's stacking systemThe system uses well-known foreign company's advanced electronic control systems and electrical components. with the realization of a rational man-machine dialogue interface. Adopt proximity switches. photoelectric switch control hydrocylinder's start and stop time. shift distance and rotation angle. using high-sensitivity displacement sensor control Stacking upgrade folder to reduce altitude. with a protection function5. Fully automatic burn-free block machine adopt PLC control systemIt can set the various actions through adjust the flow. press etc technique parameters by touch screen.. achieve machine-human talking. the control system mainly included three units.(1) fully automatic batching and mixing control system (2) brick forming machine. pallets transferring control system (3) stacking block machine control system   The components of this system are all using imported brand. such as Japan Mitsubishi . Omron. Germany Siemens etc. high performance. low maintenance.
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