Agriculture 3wzc-1000 Boom Sprayer


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Yucheng Hongri Machinery Manufacture Co.. Ltd.     Highland gap spray rod spraying machine with 28 horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine and four-wheel all-wheel-drive. track width adjustable. hydraulic lifting stretching rod spraying. spray. tank volume is 1000 litre. 12 meters high at least can spray 1 mu per minute.The product has good performance and high efficiency.All kinds of crops can be used early. medium. late diseases and insect pests and chemical control agents spraying.  Both solid tire and inflatable tyres can be customized according to their own requirements   Solid tire. width 8cm. advantage: prevent pressure seedling. injury seedling   Inflatable tire. width 12cm. advantage: the cushioning effect is good   You can also choose two types of tires at the same time. You want to use the solid money to use the solid. and you want to inflate it with air    Diesel engine can match according to customer requirements. 28. 32. 43 HP diesel engine   There are about 30 cm. 6. Track width adjustable degree to 15 cm. wheel track width can be customized. 1.2-1.5. 1.5. 1.8. 1.7-2.0 meters (conventional) the degree of 1.5 meters high. spray insecticide enough to corn growing homework. can lower to 60 cm. customers can customize according to grow their own situation. ModelUnit3WZC-1000CapacityL1000Spraying widthm12Spraying heightm0.5-1.7No.of nozzlepcs24. made of GermanGround clearancecm100-120Type of tyres 1230*80mm..Spacing of tyrem1.7-2.0. adjustableSpray lance setting ..  Spray lance in the front. has 5pcs. Hydraulic Telescopic LiftingPower 28   28hp Single Cylinder Diesel EngineWeightkg1600CONTACT  ME:TEL : 86-15020089656
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